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Buying heating and cooling equipment online is a great way to get wholesale savings. But what about the confusion of system selection and the hassle of freight delivery? That’s where AC Units for Less is different from other online HVAC wholesalers.

We’re licensed HVAC professionals. Our design specialists know how to help homeowners and contractors select the right high-quality equipment for their homes and businesses. Then we eliminate the hassles that come with freight shipping. If you live in our local delivery area, we can deliver your equipment right to your doorstep – for FREE.

We're the South's Top Online HVAC Wholesaler

AC Units for Less

Other Online HVAC Wholesalers

We specialize in the South.

  • We live and work work where you do.
  • We know our region's HVAC requirements and local codes

High-volume wholesalers:

  • Can be located anywhere and sell to any and all regions
  • No specialized selection or knowledge of our region’s requirements

The level of technical support you need.

  • We work with you right over the phone to select the right system for your job and budget.
  • For complex applications, it might be possible to arrange an on-site visit.

Limited support:

  • Emphasis is on sales, not solutions
  • Onsite visit is unlikely

We deliver orders of $250 & more – for free.

  • Next day delivery is free in our Atlanta/Macon and Houston markets.
  • We bring equipment right to your doorstep.

Freight shipment:

  • Lead times of 5 to 10 days, with extra charges for expedited shipping
  • Equipment is left curbside

We inspect equipment before and after delivery.

  • If there’s any damage, we take care of equipment replacement.

Freight carrier leaves equipment as is:

  • If there’s damage, you’re responsible for filing and resolving a freight claim and returning the equipment.

We’ll set you up with a licensed installation company.

  • We’ll coordinate all logistics with one of our licensed installation affiliates.
  • Your installer brings equipment on installation day.

You do all the leg work.

  • You get a list of installers to vet.
  • You negotiate pricing and all project logistics.
  • You store the equipment.