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About Us, is proudly an authorized reseller of renowned brands Goodman and Daikin. Shop with confidence, knowing you're getting genuine products backed by unmatched service and expertise

AC Units for Less was founded in 2016, when owner Brian Schaeffer saw a void in the market homeowners and retail customers who were not able to access the same benefits as the larger players in the markets. In his opinion, the volume discounts on HVAC equipment that were available to large contractors meant that smaller homeowners or retail customers were always at a disadvantage. He wanted to help those homeowners or retail customer get better deals on the equipment they buy and install

Our mission is 


Showing customers how to save money on their fourth largest purchase for their home. We will never upsell our customer and have programs to show you what a more efficient unit will mean to your wallet. We have experts on staff to help with the toughest HVAC questions. 


Every year, we acquire HVAC products worth millions of dollars and offer them at the most competitive prices permitted. There's no need for us to inflate the cost of your equipment threefold or add exorbitant labor markups. Our goal is to provide you with top-quality products at the most affordable rates

To Help you 

Nearly every customer we serve ends up saving thousands of dollars, and we understand that many of these purchases are often unplanned. Our aim is to prevent individuals from accumulating substantial debt or receiving quotes that exceed the cost of a car. We're here to assist you.


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