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Are Intertherm and Miller the Same Brands? Unveiling the Connection


Sumit Patel |

One of those factors can sometimes be the confusing entanglement that is brand relationships, and this holds true in the complex world of HVAC systems. As the leaders in Tech home heating Industry, Intertherm and Miller name continues to come up when it comes to choosing their next manufactured housing propane furnace. 

Even though they are branded differently, both come from the popular manufacturer Nortek Global HVAC, which is a well-known provider of heating and cooling systems. The goal of this post is to help make clear the relationship between Intertherm and Miller and what that means for homeowners.


Nortek Global HVAC, previously known as Nordyne, is a well-known brand in the heating and air conditioning industry with a focus on cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable products. One of its leading offerings is the Intertherm and Miller brand, which forms part of a large portfolio under the company. 

The parent company of Nortek Global HVAC has been around for more than 100 years, providing quality and innovation to the heating and cooling industry. In addition to Intertherm, we offer two brands - Miller and Reznor that are highly recognized in their respective markets.

How Intertherm Is Different

Intertherm has found its place -- largely in the mobile home and manufactured-home market. The brand is known for its nonstop, robust, and reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) programming offered particularly for manufactured homes. These Intertherm products are perfect for taking your living experience to the next level with small-space living and mobile/manufactured homes.

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Miller also does much of its business on the manufactured and mobile home side as well. However, like Intertherm products, Miller is designed for the unique challenges and limitations of mobile homes. With a focus on delivering the best in high performance, self-installable, and energy-saving HVAC solutions for America's mobile homeowners.

Are Intertherm and Miller The Same?

Intertherm and Miller are two different brands, each with its own identity but operating under the same parent company Nortek Global HVAC. They are built to the same quality, efficiency, and reliability standards as all Nortek branded products. The biggest differences are their marketings, and slight changes in feature specifications based on consumer needs. 

Homeowners who purchase either brand can rest well knowing that Nortek Global HVAC's proprietary research and development, cutting edge technology integration, and customer support is behind their product. Nevertheless, the differences come down to specific models, features, and benefits that meet a particular homeowner's needs most closely when deciding between Intertherm vs. Miller.


The fact that both brands are part of Nortek Global HVAC can come as a relief to buyers. This connotes that whichever brand they select, they are choosing a product bolstered by an HVAC leader in the industry. Knowing this can guide you toward what is your best choice for an HVAC system whether it's a mobile/manufactured home. 

Nevertheless, consumers should always conduct their research and compare models as well as seek the advice of HVAC professionals to determine which brand and product line are suitable for them. The overall quality and reliability may be the same, but features, warranties, and what you can expect to pay might differ slightly from brand-to-brand with Intertherm as opposed to Miller.


Both Intertherm and Miller are under different brand names, but they share one parent company, which is the Nortek Global HVAC. Manufacturers of high-quality, efficient, and reliable HVAC solutions for the manufactured/mobile home market categorically stand behind both brands. This relationship helps take the mystery out of what is actually contained in a typical HVAC system for consumers and assists with making purchasing decisions based upon quality rather than just performance.