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Warranty Policy

It doesn't matter when it occurs; whenever your HVAC system encounters a malfunction, we've got you covered. We're here to assist you in obtaining any warranty-covered parts your unit may require. It's essential to thoroughly review and understand the terms, language, and requirements of any applicable manufacturer's warranty.

How to Register Your Warranty

In most cases, a licensed professional is required to have either fully installed or inspected your equipment, including initiating the product(s) during the initial start-up. Following the completion of the initial start-up process, the professional will furnish you with a dated installation invoice detailing the model(s) and applicable serial number(s) of the equipment.

Some manufacturers may also require the registration of the product(s) installed within the first 30-60 days from the time of installation or initial start-up to validate and secure full warranty coverage. Please note that specific restrictions may apply, and you can find comprehensive information in the documentation provided by the manufacturers, which is shipped alongside the product(s), or you can refer to the relevant manufacturer's website for the most up-to-date warranty terms. The validation of the warranty is entirely contingent upon the manufacturer's requirements for the purchased product(s). Please make sure to thoroughly review and become familiar with the terms, language, and requirements of any applicable manufacturer's warranty.

How We Handle Warranty Parts

We offer warranty replacement parts for units purchased through our website that are still under warranty. In some cases, you may be required to return the defective part to us for warranty purposes. In such situations, we might request you to purchase the replacement part, and upon receiving the original part, we will refund the associated cost. Please be aware that expedited shipping may result in extra charges.

We reserve the right to decline any warranty claim for replacement part(s) and/or repairs if all the necessary documentation is not provided at the time of filing a claim.

Is There a Labor Warranty

No, we do not directly provide labor warranties or compensation of any kind to cover costs incurred by consumers due to the malfunction of any part(s) for products available on our website. In most cases, the installing professional may offer additional labor warranties that can be purchased separately. We recommend getting in touch with them to inquire about pricing and availability.

If any product purchased from experiences a failure upon installation or fails to operate after installation, our responsibility is limited to providing the part(s) covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We do not offer any warranty that goes beyond what the manufacturer provides for the parts.