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Central Ducted Hyper Heat - AC units for less

Central Ducted Hyper Heat

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The Hyper Heat is an innovative heating system designed to provide exceptional warmth in extreme temperatures, ranging from -22º Fahrenheit to 122º Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for year-round comfort in a variety of climates. To enhance its heating capabilities, an auxiliary heat kit is available, ensuring consistent warmth throughout the colder months.

This system's adaptability is a key feature. It can be installed in any home, regardless of the airflow setup, including upflow, downflow, and horizontal ductwork configurations. This flexibility makes it suitable for various types of residences, including mobile, manufactured, and modular homes. Its high-static air handler further broadens its applicability, accommodating different home environments.

Installation of the Hyper Heat is streamlined and user-friendly. The system is compatible with No-Vac® pre-charged line sets, which significantly expedite the installation process. This not only cuts down on installation time but also reduces stress and saves money. Whether you choose a traditional installation or this more efficient method, the Hyper Heat offers versatility to fit your home's specific requirements.

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