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Spring maintenance checklist for your HVAC system - Ac Units for Less

Spring maintenance checklist for your HVAC system - Ac Units for Less -

Brian Schaeffer |

Spring isn't just about blooming flowers and chirping birds – it's also the perfect time to wake up your HVAC system from its winter slumber! Taking proper care ensures your unit runs efficiently, keeps your home comfortable, and saves you money on energy bills. But don't worry, you don't need a superhero cape to tackle some easy maintenance tasks yourself. Here's your DIY checklist:

Indoor Spring Cleaning:

    • Evaporator Coil: Think of this as the cool heart of your system. Remove the panel and gently brush off dust with a soft brush. Follow up with a coil cleaner spray (available at your local home improvement store) and let it drip into the drain pan. Check out our quick video for visual guidance!
    • Evaporator Drain Line: This line carries away condensation from the coil. Use a wet/dry vac, plumber's snake, garden hose, or distilled white vinegar to clear any blockages. Remember, prevention is key, so ensure the area around the unit is free from debris.
    • Humidifier Deactivation: During cooling months, shut off the water supply to your humidifier. Some units have a "Summer" setting for easy deactivation.
    • Air Filter Change: This is like giving your system a fresh breath of air! Spring is the perfect time to replace your filter, especially after winter wear and tear. Upgrade to a MERV 11 high-efficiency pleated filter for enhanced allergy protection.

Outdoor Spring Spruce-Up:

    • Clear the Condenser Unit Area: Leaves, sticks, and even dryer vent exhaust can block airflow. Clear a 2-foot radius around the unit and trim nearby vegetation. Think of it as giving your unit ample breathing room!
    • Condenser Unit Cleaning: Remove the outer cover and use a shop vac to remove debris. Gently spray the fins with a garden hose from inside out to rinse away dirt. For stubborn grime, apply coil cleaner before rinsing.
    • Fin Inspection and Straightening: These delicate fins on the condenser unit assist with heat transfer. Gently straighten any bent fins using a fin comb or butter knife. Remember, damaged fins mean harder work for your system!
    • Level the Condenser Unit: A tilted unit can hinder its performance and even damage components. Use simple tools to level the unit and ensure smooth operation.

Remember, You're Not Alone:

While these DIY tasks are empowering, some jobs require a professional touch. Schedule a technician visit (ideally twice a year) for a comprehensive system inspection, including:

    • Refrigerant Level Check
    • Coil and Drain Line/Pan Inspection
    • Compressor and Motor Examination
    • Cleaning and Debris Removal
    • Air Filter Check and Replacement (if needed)
    • Worn Belt and Part Replacement
    • Thermostat Testing
    • Leak Detection

Bonus Tip: Regular air filter changes are your MVP for a healthy and efficient system. Remember, a clean filter means easier breathing for your unit and your wallet!

So, grab your tools and embrace the spring cleaning spirit! By following these simple DIY steps and scheduling professional maintenance, you can ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly all season long. Happy cooling!