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How long does a Daikin AC unit last?

How long does a Daikin AC unit last? -

Brian Schaeffer |

Daikin systems are designed for a typical useful life of 15 years with the actual average of 20+ years. This is why has distribution rights to Daikin

Why Choose Daikin?

For over 90 years, Daikin has been a global leader in HVAC technology, consistently delivering unmatched quality and innovation.

But what exactly sets them apart? Here's a closer look:

Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

    • Manufacturing Expertise: Daikin designs and manufactures key components like compressors and refrigerants, ensuring strict quality control from the very beginning.
    • Zero Defect Policy: Every step of the production process undergoes rigorous inspection, minimizing the risk of defects.
    • Industry-Leading Warranties: Daikin stands behind their products with longer and more comprehensive warranties than the competition, reflecting their confidence in superior quality.

Innovation That Drives Efficiency:

    • PE Fin Coil: This unique coating protects against corrosion and improves performance by allowing water to drain quickly during defrost cycles.
    • Self-Designed Compressors: Daikin optimizes compressor design for each system, maximizing efficiency and reliability under any conditions.
    • Inverter Technology: This advanced technology adjusts cooling power based on demand, offering superior comfort while saving you energy.

Global Recognition & Trust:

    • USGBC Member: Daikin's commitment to sustainability is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.
    • ENERGY STAR® Partner: Choose Daikin for energy-efficient products that save you money and protect the environment.
    • ETL Listed & AHRI Certified: Third-party organizations verify the safety and performance of Daikin's products.

Investing in Daikin means investing in peace of mind. You'll benefit from a system built with quality in mind, backed by industry-leading warranties and supported by a company dedicated to innovation and sustainability.

Ready to experience the Daikin difference? Visit to browse their wide selection of Daikin products and find the perfect system for your needs.