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Equipment Installation

  • We specialize in selling and delivering HVAC equipment to metro Atlanta. While we don’t install equipment (or remove old equipment), we are affiliated with a few select licensed and insured HVAC installers who can handle your installation. If you choose to purchase installation along with your equipment, we’ll assign one of our qualified affiliates. The affiliate company will bring the new equipment to your home on installation day, so you don’t have to store it.
  • You may purchase pre-installation review of your HVAC requirements by a specialist, including a home visit if needed, to ensure that your system can be installed efficiently and provide the comfort you want.
  • The installation price quote is based on average time required to remove existing equipment and install the new equipment. Additional charges can apply if your point of installation has unusual conditions that require extra time or special equipment. The specialist who inspects your home before the install date will advise you of any unusual conditions and provide an estimate of expected added cost, if any.  However, if no pre-installation inspection is performed, your installer will inform you of potential obstacles before beginning removal of your old equipment.
  • If you choose to find your own installation contractor, please be aware of the EPA certification and Georgia contractor licensing requirements for HVAC installers. We want you to have a great experience with your heating, cooling, and indoor-air quality projects.